Case Studies

Presentation Skills, Executive Presence, Speech Training

A US-based NGO operating programs worldwide, wanted to take better advantage of the considerable talent of its foreign country representatives. These representatives were known for their leadership and capabilities, but had varying skill at communicating their insight and differing messages about the core values of the NGO. TPG was engaged for large group, small group and individual coaching, designed to unify messages and enhance individual presentation skills. The NGO is reporting unprecedented success and demand for appearances of its representatives has increased significantly on the world stage.

A top oil industry senior executive who’d been tapped as a likely CEO successor, needed to hone his communication skills before the Corporate Board of the company, and for numerous high profile appearances including quarterly investor earnings calls. TPG was engaged to work with this high-potential executive over several months, in preparation for the eventual implementation of the succession plan. The executive was successfully elevated to the CEO position, where he continues coaching for regular high stakes appearances.  

A leading automotive industry executive wanted to develop his own presentation and public speaking skills, as well as help those on his senior team develop more uniform presentation and ‘executive presence’ skills. TPG worked with the executive one-on-oneand those identified as “high potential leaders.” TPG’s work helped the senior executive and the senior leadership team prepare for even higher levels of responsibility. All individuals coached have since been tapped by the company for higher positions.

Media Training

A top non-profit issue organization needed to prepits members nationwide for media interest concerning its legislative efforts in individual states. TPG was engaged to workwith leadership of the non-profit to enhance capabilities with media on a national level. Subsequent to that training, TPG was engaged again to begin workingwith the organization’s spokespersons in individual states, to help them speak effectively and consistently with media about those efforts.As a result, effectiveness of the organization in responding to increasing media inquiries has been greatly enhanced, and the organization has become very effective and consistent in communicating its mission.  

A public regulating agency needed to communicate more effectively through the media, about its mission and its impact which were poorly understood in the general public. TPG worked with regulators in making sure their communications through the media were consistent and understandable. Eventually TPG’s training was incorporated for the agency for all new regulators who would be speaking on behalf of the agency through the media.

Crisis Media Training

A regional chemical manufacturer updated its crisis communication plans to reflect a new corporate structure and wanted to prepare all plant operators and senior executives to communicate about those plans in the event of an incident. TPG was engaged to design and conduct a series of trainings for various executive levels to test these plans, to better ensure the company was prepared for any eventuality. As the result of TPG’s trainings, the company continued annual trainings for new company executives to make sure skills stayed current.

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