Executive Presentation Skills

Executive Presence is an essential ingredient of success for senior executives. The ability to inspire others, command attention, to be and communicate as a confident and authoritative leader, is all part of displaying strong executive presence. TPG’s Executive Presence Presentation Training is specifically designed for senior and high potential executives to help showcase executive talent at the very highest levels.

So much so, that the process for recruiting top executives often involves things such as the ability to present well.

Knowledge and achievement alone can’t create the “wow factor” that helps certain executivesstand out from the rest. Even being perceived as having strong executive presence can be essential for selection into leadership positions according to recent surveys of senior executives.

This essential “presence” is a unique skill displayed by leaders, but it’s notinnate. Executive Presence has to be honed and developed, with clear attention to individual strengths and abilities.

The Pincus Group excels at coaching senior executives in all presentation skills, helping match the confidence and authority you feel with the communications you project to others. We’ll help you take advantage of every leadership opportunity to showcase your executive presence, and to master the skills of confident communication so essential to executive success.

In one on one or small group coaching, we’ll coach you on making the most out of your unique communication style, authority and knowledge so that others can fully appreciate it.

Get the training you need to take your career to the next level with TPG’s Executive Presence Training.

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