Presentation Skills Training

TPG Presentation Skill Training is designed to make a powerful difference for executive presenters in any field. Whether you deal in sales presentations, regulatory presentations or internal ones, effective presentation isn’t about flashy Power Point. It’s about powerful presentation skills, honed through training the presenter to communicate with a clear purpose. Charts and props can’t be any executive’s substitute for strong presentation skills. Building skill requires tailored training from expert coaches.

Presentation Skills TrainingAt The Pincus Group, you’ll receive Presentation Training by the very best trainers in the business of communications. We’ll show you how to connect with your target audience, how to deliver a presentation that moves your audience toward your agenda, and how to deliver that presentation to the absolute best of your ability.

Our presentation skills training uses videotaped practice sessions and expert coaching to build your public speaking skill and confidence. Whether you’re presenting to clients, presenting to investors, regulators, colleagues, other businesses or to the general public, you need presentation training that enhances your strengths and minimizes your weaknesses. Learn to establish credibility immediately in your presentation to make a dynamic first impression. Learn to work with your presentation materials rather than compete with them for audience attention. Expertly handle the questions that follow your presentation – with training that builds confidence and expertise.

Get the training that prepares individuals and groups for powerfully effective presentations.

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