NEW! TPG Launches Virtual Presentation Training Service

January 2017
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Contact: • 301.938.6990

TPG Launches Virtual Presentation Training Service 

Expanded Access to Personal Coaching Now Available 

Washington, DC – The Pincus Group is making its personalized presentation coaching available on line for the first time. “We’ve been seeing increasing demand for wider access to our personalized presentation coaching” said Aileen Pincus, TPG President. “We wanted to respond and make sure anyone who needs high quality presentation coaching can get it, affordably and at their own convenience.”

TPG’s new On Demand Virtual Coaching will include: a personalized one hour virtual coaching session with a senior level TPG presentation coach, a separate review of content/materials of choice with suggestions on improvement, best practice tips and techniques to help with any presentation, and a follow up, tailored written report to help trainees stay on track after coaching. Virtual coaching clients will also receive a discount voucher to use for any in-personal training session scheduled within the same year.

Presentation coaching sessions can include any format including impromptu, with materials or without, formal or informal remarks or speeches, testimony training, team or panel presentation training and are scheduled on a first come/first served basis.



Your message is your story. Messages help you communicate your story in a way your audience can hear and remember. When they are effective, messages help set you apart and persuade at the same time. Finding the right message is crucial to effective communication, but it isn’t easy. Keeping your messages effective as time and circumstances change, while making sure they are consistent throughout your organization is even harder. At TPG, our experts can help you cut through the noise to effectively reach your target audiences each and every time. We’ll make sure your messages are clear, consistent and credible. Call us for a free consultation today, and start matching the power of your communication to the power of your ideas.

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