Speech/Presentation Training

Speech and Presentation Training will help you identify and hone your unique skills as a communicator. Here are some public speaking tools to help polish your executive communications.

HELP YOUR TEAM WIN THAT BID – It takes more than the right content: It takes practice and polish.
An Interview with Aileen Pincus — Nixon Virtual Strategies (NVS)
• What the heck are “Communications” anyway? — Gina London
• Presentation Show and Tell: Presentation Skills for Senior Executives
• Presentation Skill and the CEO: Why the chief explanations officer has to get it right
• Presentation Mastery: What You Can Really Learn From Obama’s Oratory Skills
• Public Speaking: Getting Past the Fear Factor
• On Executives and Elevators: Perfecting the ‘Pitch’
• The Welcome Speech: How To’s
• The How To’s of Investor Presentations
• Presenting to Lawmakers
• Public Speaking for Executives
• Public Speaking and Communicating with Power: Getting Past the “Venus” Myth for
Female Executives
• Public Speaking Myths: The Five Worst Pieces of Advice for Public Speakers and How to
Ignore Them
• Challenge, Inform or Get off the Stage – Presentation Skills and Powerful Public Speakers
• Public Speaking: Tips, Tools and Techniques for Honing Your Skills
discusses how to deliver a Powerful Presentation!
• Power Presentations: IT really is about YOU!

• Communication Skills: Vital Business Intelligence – As published in: Training Magazine

Media Training

Media Training helps those with a story to tell, tell it to their best advantage. If you’re a professional whose work puts you in the public eye, make sure you’re ready to meet the media.

• Lessons on Politics and Witchcraft Media Training 101
• The scandal 100 days later: Sanford leaves constituents cold – The State newspaper
• One Disastrous Performance – Public Speaking and the Lessons of Bobby Jindal
• Sarah Palin’s Media Training – Slate
• Media Tips for the Novice
• Media Training: What It Is and Why It Just Might Save You
 Media Training: Why Those in the Public Eye Need It
• Media Tips: A Media Training Primer for Today’s Executives
• Media Smarts – Experts Magazine (PDF Format)
• Media Training: Coaching Tips for Media Interviews
• How to: Selecting a Media Trainer
•  When the Media Come Calling – American Society of Women Accountants (PDF Format)

Crisis Communications

• The Messenger: Friend or Foe in a Crisis?
• What to do? Businesses and the need for Crisis Communications – iTunes Podcast
• Crisis Communication Gone Wrong: The John Edwards Lesson Of Career Implosion
• Crisis Communications Done Right: How Jet Blue Will Weather the Storm
• Crisis and Media Communications: The Role of the CEO